Thermo Wood Cladding

Thermo Wood Cladding

It enables innovative and long-lasting use of wood in all decorative surfaces. products are thermally modified using only natural methods, heat and steam and most known for its dimensional stability, durability and sustainable nature. It doesn’t require surface treatments, which makes it an ecological choice throughout its life cycle. Wherever Thermowood is used, it brings luxury and a natural feel to the space.

Thermowood Product is a sustainable, durable and dimensionally stable wood material for facades, landscapings and interiors, all properties achieved without chemicals naturally through Thermal Modification. This Product Range does not require surface coatings even in the most challenging climate conditions which makes it a truly sustainable choice throughout its life cycle. This allows your project to have that naturally weathered color, if desired.

Our durable and low-maintenance thermowood wall cladding can completely change your buildings or house look. Thermowood is very eco-friendly, long-lasting, resistant to rot and fungi, and provides good insulation therefore it’s an affordable option to go for.

Due the wood material is 100% resin free, this is also suitable for saunas.

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